Monday, May 9, 2011

Photoshop: Josh Lemke

Been a while since I posted Photoshop work. I rediscovered these as I was sorting some files.
Josh Lemke was a very talented and driven student, somewhat out of his element in the more conservative environs of a for-profit college.
However, he was also a driven student and a driven artist.
When given the Photoshop assignment of an even poster, he designed three that function as a triptych.

the triptych seen as a single image

This piece (pieces?) succeeds on many levels. It stimulates interest in the event, it works from a range of distances, and echoes the sensibility of the subject matter.
However, it is not without its problems. The choice of font has issues, It's inconsistent with the Walker's identity. While a thick chunky font was required to make this work, this choice detracts a bit.
There's also the deliberate decision to omit the event dates. Josh's though on this was that it would increase interest in the poster(s) post-event.
However, the work succeeds on many more levels than those at which it does not.
After graduating, Josh worked at the school in question for a couple years, then moved on into mural painting, a discipline more in keeping with his ideology and art sensibility.
Josh with fellow artist Peyton Russell at the Gainseville, FL mural
I've since lost track of Josh, but I KNOW he's out there making great art!

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